You’ve Got Mail

You know what needs to make a comeback? Postcards.

Remember that feeling when you were a kid and you got mail? Literally any mail at all and you instantly felt important. Someone had taken the time to write you a letter, stick it in an envelope, stick a stamp on it, and drop it in the mailbox. That was special. Blue’s Clues said it best when they invented the “Mail Time” song. And then you grew up and you were just excited to receive anything but mail, because mail usually meant bank statements or utility bills. But don’t lie – you still get excited whenever you get some non-adult-like items in the mail, whether it be a holiday card or even a coupon from BevMo.

So what about postcards? Yes, if you don’t have friends traveling abroad, or just friends in general, receiving postcards might not be something that happens to you very often. And then there’s the whole advent of technology and cell phones that you can just get a text or facebook from your traveling buddies, rather than have them take the time to buy, write, stamp, and send a dinky old postcard. Blah blah blah but postcards!!

Why am I ranting about postcards? Well, today I received a postcard from one of my dearest friends who is currently country-hopping across Europe and I was so excited by it. Not only was I receiving fun mail, but it was so nice to have a glimpse into my friend’s life! True, she probably wrote the post card two weeks ago and is probably no where near Seville anymore but I still loved receiving this little memento of her journey.

postcard from bijou

I’ve already tacked the postcard up in my sparse little cubicle at work (to remind me that there is a world outside of those tiny grey padded walls?) and I’ve probably read it about seven times now. It’s nice to have a departure from the usual facebook, text, email and know that my friend was thinking of me while she’s adventuring and took some times to share her adventures with me. I mean, it’s a picture and a personal message all in one – what’s not to love?

Maybe bills would be more appealing if they came in postcard form? Maybe not.

Receiving this postcard has rejuvenated me to write postcards to my friends who aren’t here with me this summer. Or, you know, even to those who are. Beware, friends, postcards are coming your way! Let me know about your last postcard or any thoughts you have on this old fashioned form of communication in the comments!


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